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Dra. Pilar Blanco

As an academic and researcher of laser applications in dentistry and medicine, I am happy that Pioon has developed a device with the appropriate wavelengths, intuitive software, studied protocols and high-quality manufacturing.

Dr. Vo The Dzu

I love to use the Pioon Laser system because it's easy to use, I don't need to have too many parameters, everything has been installed and instructed by Pioon...

Dr.Diego Alejandro Gaviria

I was very shocked that I could cut these tissues without even contacting them! There was no bleeding and really low power needed during the surgery, my patients' experience is also great.

Dr. Dong Chen

The magic of blue laser is really beyond my imagination and provides excellent healing effects to my patients! In the present era, it is always important to learn and master the dental weapons belonging to present age.

Dr. Ahmed

Many thanks for pioon S1(integrated three wavelength in one device) It's time to believe in Anew pioon S1 laser.

Dr Aditi Chaudhary

What an amazing 2-day course by Dr Walid. Very informative!! He made everything so easy for us to understand, right from the basics to clinical applications and case discussions.