Vestibuloplasty Procedure using Dental Diode Lasers

19th October 2020

Vestibuloplasty is a mucogingival procedure that aims at the surgical modification of the gingiva-mucous membrane relationships including deepening of the vestibular trough, altering the position of the frenulum or muscle attachments, and widening of the zone of attached gingiva.

Treatment of Gingival Melanin Hyperpigmentation using Dental Diode Laser

18th September 2020

A beautiful smile surely enhances the individual’s self-confidence. The esthetics of smile though majorly influenced by the color, shape, and position of the teeth, is also influenced by the color of the gingival tissues.

Orthodontic Exposure of Impacted Permanent Tooth using Soft Tissue Diode Laser

11th September 2020

An impacted tooth simply means that it is “stuck” and cannot erupt into function.

Root Canal Disinfection in Primary Molar During Pulpectomy Procedure using S1 PIOON LASER

20th August 2020

The outcome of root canal treatment is based on efficient disinfection of the root canal system and prevention of reinfection.

Management of Unerupted Lateral Incisor by LASER Assisted Surgical Exposure

12th August 2020

Maxillary incisors are aesthetically important, parents often notices it first and are troubled (1,2).

Crown Lengthening Procedure using Dental Diode Laser

27th July 2020

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure designed to increase the extent of supra-gingival tooth structure for esthetic and restorative purposes.

Excision of Fibroma using Dental Soft-tissue Diode Laser

20th July 2020

A fibroma is a benign scar like reaction due to persistent long standing irritation in the mouth resulting in an increase in connective tissue at the site of repeated trauma.

Management of Pericoronitis using Dental Diode Laser

11th July 2020

Taking into consideration the excellent clinical outcome, the dental diode lasers can be considered as a better and acceptable alternative for excision of pericoronal flap.

Gingivoplasty Using Diode Laser

28th June 2020

Diode dental laser is very safe and useful for esthetic soft tissue management and thus it increases patient’s compliance and satisfaction.