s1 dental laser

Multi-functional dental laser handpiece

Matching with the disposable tip,Whitening tip,Bio-stimulation tip,TMJ therapy tip
Core[μm]: 200/300
Connector: SMA905/FC
Fiber Length[m]:2

Whitening Tip

Whitening handpiece for teeth bleaching consist of whitening handpiece and bare fiber, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.
Disposable Fiber tips

Disposable Fiber tips

-Allow more control and flexibility during treatment
Available in surgery, periodontology and endodontics
Tip Diameter[μm] Length[mm] Order No
5mm 300 5 602040
5mm 400 5 602050
10mm 300 10 602060
10mm 400 10 602070
10mm 600 10 602080
15mm 200 15 602090

Bare Fiber

Silica fiber has excellent high temperature resistant and optical transmission performance, with widely clinical application.
Core[μm] Connector Length[m] Order No
200 SMA905 3.0 702020
300 SMA905 3.0 702030
400 SMA905 3.0 702040
600 SMA905 3.0 702040
bare fiber
s1 dental laser

Radial Fiber

Connector: standard SMA 905
Fiber diameter: 400/730um, 600/750um
Glass OD: 1.2mm
Glass length: 10mm
Transmittance: >90%

Laser Safety Eyewear

Adult protective goggles
CE certified
Range of wavelength: 800-1100nm
Order No: 003033

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