• 200-600um optical bare fibers with SMA905

    Bare Fiber

    Silica fiber has excellent high temperature resistant and optical transmission performance, with widely clinical application.
    Core[μm] Connector Length[m] Order No
    200 SMA905 3.0 702020
    300 SMA905 3.0 702030
    400 SMA905 3.0 702040
    600 SMA905 3.0 702050
    Radial Fiber

    Radial Fiber

    ETO sterilization, double packing
    Standard or high power F-SMA905 connector
    Extension sleeve available in various colors
    Self-design on request
    Various tools available(fiber cutter、fiber stripper、fiber connector cleaner,etc)
    Apply to infrared (IR)
    Standard length 3m, NA=0.22
    dental diode laser handpiece

    Dental Laser Handpiece

    -200um fiber with multi tip handpiece
    -SMA connector
    -Silver, blue
    Core[μm] Connector Color Order No
    200 SMA905 Silver 302040
    200 SMA905 Blue 302050
    bare fiber handpiece

    Surgical Handpiece for Bare Fiber

    -200um, 400um fiber
    Color Order No
    Silver 502040
    Blue 502050
    200-400um dental laser fiber tips

    Disposable Fiber tips

    Allow more control and flexibility during treatment
    Available in surgery, periodontology and endodontics
    Tip Diameter[μm] Length[mm] Order No
    5mm 300 5 602040
    5mm 400 5 602050
    10mm 300 10 602060
    10mm 400 10 602070
    10mm 600 10 602080
    15mm 200 15 602090
    dental laser whitening tip

    Whitening Tip

    Whitening handpiece for teeth bleaching consist of whitening handpiece and bare fiber, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.
    Color Order No
    Silver 802040
    Oral inflammation, pain exposure

    Biostimulation Tip

    Low-level laser biostimulation can be applied in wound therapy to speed up the wound healing, prevent infection and relieve the pain.
    Math with Order No
    Dental Laser Handpiece 902040
    Bare Fiber Dental Handpiece 902050
    diode laser remove red blood silk

    Focus Handpiece

    It can use with Pioon laser system, special for spider vein
    300um, 400um fiber
    SMA905 connector
    Magnification confocal: 1:1
    Spot diameter: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
    Order No: 003030
    NIR laser safty goggle

    Laser Safety Eyewear

    Adult protective goggles
    CE certified
    Range of wavelength: 800-1100nm
    Order No: 003033
    cutting bare fiber

    Fiber Cutter

    Bare fiber cutting
    Cutting range: 200-800um
    Order No: 003083